GRP Sandwich Panels (Fybacore)

GRP Fybacore panels are manufactured by press bonding Fybatex GRP onto a range of core materials to produce an attractive, yet functional, cladding / infill solution for a wide variety of new build and refurbishment applications. These panels, an alternative to Trespa, are tailor made to suit individual customer requirements; a combination of thickness, colour and surface texture can be incorporated to provide a wide choice of design configurations.

Core Materials May Include:
- Styrofoam
- Polyurethane Foam
- Plywood or OSB
- A Combination of the above
- Phenolic Foam
- Door Blanks

Fire Performance
Due to the wide choice of panel and core materials available, products can be made to suit individual customer's needs.
Where there is a risk of fire, class I/O BS 476 systems come highly recommended, whereas our GRPH Phenolic laminates and foams provide the ultimate protection against fire, smoke and toxic emissions. (See separate Phenolic products data sheet)

U - Values
The ‘U' value measures the rate at which heat is lost through a material. The lower the ‘U' value, the lower the amount of heat lost and the lower the amount of energy wasted. ‘U' values will invariably depend on the core material chosen, but FYBACORE panels can be manufactured to suit Document L specifications, which require a ‘U' value lower than or equal to 0.35 W/m2K.

Edge Detail
Fybacore can be supplied with optional edge details specific to customer requirements - for instance rebate edges are normally specified when the panel is to be fitted into a window recess whereas flush edge panels are used for partitioning.