Fybagard Glazing

Fybaglaze GRP glazing products are among the toughest glazing panels available. They are manufactured using high quality resins and fibreglass making the panels virtually indestructible, with a high resistance to impact, wind loading, shock and manual attack whilst maintaining an aesthetic appearance.

Fybaglaze is available to customer requirements from 3mm upwards and cut to size or in "stock" 8′ x 4′ sheets. Special U.V. Protection can be incorporated in the panels which come with a crinkle or smooth finish. In addition these panels can come with a Class 1/0 Fire Rating.

Features Include:

Vandal Resistant
Can withstand blows from hammers, bricks, boots and general sustained manual attack

Shatter Resistant
Panels will not break and fragment giving rise to risk of cuts and injury.

Impact Resistant
Tested to BS5544 steel ball drop test and Regulation 14 compliant.

Graffiti Resistant
Graffiti can be cleaned from the surface of panels using proprietory cleaners or solvents without degrading or permanently "smudging" the product in any way.

UV Resistant
Fybaglaze products are manufactured with resins containing UV stabilisers. The application of a UV resitant coating can further enhance the long term appearance against significant Ultra-violet degadation.

Applications include

  • Balcony Panels
  • Factory Rooflights
  • Security Screens
  • Vacant Property
  • Stairwells
  • Bus Shelters
  • Schools
  • Fire Doors


Translucent GRP glazing panels with a welded wire mesh encapsulated within the laminates of fibreglass making it resemble Georgian wired cast or plate glass. This anti-vandal sheeting, like all Fybaglaze, is available in a variety of thicknesses from 3mm up - cut to size (max width 1500mm)


Translucent GRP glazing panels used in applications which require light transmission whilst providing security and privacy. Has exactly the same properties as Fybagard but without the welded wire mesh.


Steel mesh reinforced GRP glazing which is an incredibly tough anti-vandal product providing excellent physical and visual deterrent to vandals - often used to board up vacant property. Max sheet size 8′ x 4′, also available cut to size.

An Option: Tinted GRP Glazing

All translucnet Fybaglaze products can be manufactured with a variety of Tints, thus providing a wider option where aesthetic considerations apply.

Versatile - Shaped Glazing

Because Smyth Composites actually manufacture Fybaglaze products, panels acan be supplied as either stock sheets, or "made to size", allowing specifiers significant savings by not having to incur waste and cost in the form of offcuts.

Surface Protection

In the past GRP Glazing has had a tendency to yellow and lose translucency after prolonged exposure to sunlight, rain and extremes of temperature.

Smyth Composites have addressed this problem, and in 1988 introduced a clear polyester membrane which can be heat bonded to all Fybaglaze products to provide:

Handling and Installation

Fybaglaze can be easily installed without risk of breaking or fragmenting. Compared with glass, Fybaglaze is up to 200 stronger yet appoximately half the weight, thus enabling ease of installation - particularly on above ground applications.

GRP Glazing Panels can be easily, cut, drilled and installed using conventional tools and can be easily glazed in a similar fashion to glass using standard polyurethane or silicone mastics, which will have no adverse reaction with the panels.

Fire-Rated Glazing

Fybaglaze is supplied to a "general purpose" spec as standard. It is also available with either a Class II or Class 1 / 0 Fire rating if required. Fire rated Fybaglaze has been used in Factories, HM Prisons and Power Stations etc. Out performs fire rated glass.


So if you are looking for emergency window boarding for boarding up houses or shops, anti vandal glazing or factory roof skylights Smyth Composites Fybaglaze is surely what you're after.